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I have to make a baby quilt for a cousin’s new baby.  Generally, this isn’t a problem.  But because I just found out about the new baby two weeks ago, and it’s due this month, I’m feeling stressed.  And when I’m stressed I have a hard time making decisions. 

I finally grabbed hold of a star fabric I have, figured I’d use it as the background in a star quilt.  I finally decided on Lucky Star pattern from Atkinson designs, because it goes together in a snap.  I went with blues and greens.

I pulled fabric, and wasn’t in love with it, but started cutting anways.  This is what the blocks looked like as I was laying out the scrappy stars –

I’m having a problem with the way I think the blocks will look, but I forge ahead.  Everything’s already cut out, so what do I have to lose?

Here’s the first block I almost finished:

I’m feeling better now.  Unfortunately, it’s a temporary thing.  I’m under an illusion because it just so happens that the first block had blues and greens of similar values.

Because when I get more put together it looks like this:

See the value problem?  The lights are too light and the darks are too dark.  There’s too much of a ‘gap’ between the shades of blue.

But I’m persistent, and finished it anyways.   The top, I mean.  I pulled out some of the super-dark and super-light blues, but it’s still too jarring for my taste.  I’m really bugged by the ‘missing’ star points.  Maybe I could have fixed it by changing out more of the sashing?

So – what do you do with a quilt top that you really don’t like?  I’ve been quilting for 15 years and have had some real bloopers – though not one as bad as this in a while.  I send them away…which means that I give the top to the Charity table at quilt guild.  Someone finishes it, someone gives it away, and someone gets to enjoy it.  Maybe I should keep this one around for a while, to see if it bugs me less and I do want to finish it and find it a home on my own.

For the baby?  I made another quilt which I like much better.  The only thing is, I don’t know if the parents are into pirates.  Pirates?  I convinced myself that it was OK, because it’s a bigger quilt (40×60 or so), suitable for use into the toddler/preschool years, and what boy doesn’t like pirates?



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