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I have some family quilts with 1930s/1940s prints in them, I’ve never been drawn to reproductions from the 1930s, even when they were all the rage.

Except once.

I found a pattern for this adorable witch quilt in a magazine.  Bought the magazine, and I think the quilt was done in a week.  I still love it, and now’s the time of year to pull it out!

I took it to a show and tell at a quilt shop.  Everyone oohed and aahed, like good quilters, and the shop owner said that at first glance she though the witches were wearing rain slickers.  Huh?  Rain slickers with brooms?

Re-Design.  The idea of rain slickers stuck with me.  I drafted a pattern for little girls with rain slickers holding umbrellas and made a test block.  Ten years ago, what was I supposed to make it out of?  Muddy batiks?  Celestials?  (on their way out)  Asian prints? (on their way in)  Nope, nope, and nope.  This quilt clicked for me when I thought of 1930s reproductions.  I went to a quilt show and bought a bunch of pre-cut fat 8ths to make my quilt from.

Isn’t it cute?  I entered it in a show, and the judges said my straight lines weren’t straight.  Pooh on them!  I still thought it was cute, and it was my very first original pattern!  (Methinks it’s been folded too long, though.  See those fold lines?)  OK, it’s a style that’s not exactly in.

But – I had leftovers.  Of 1930s prints.  Which I never use.

Re-Purpose.  I finally figured out that I had enough to make an American Girl quilt out of them, and here it is!  I cut 2.5″ squares because that was the optimal size for the leftovers I had.  I also think that the scale is great with the dolls.  (American Girl dolls are 1/3 life size, so a 2″ finished square to them is equal to a 6″ square in a life sized quilt.)  I knocked this out in under three hours, from first cut to last stitch, including digging pretty deep to find flannel for the middle layer.

Cute, huh?  Just right for Kit Kittridge.  I just need to decide if it’s going to have a pillow with it or leave it be.

Re-Duce.  I’ve made two more tops as well – the one without the alternating muslin squares even has authentic vintage 1930s prints included!  I’d picked them up somewhere along the way and decided to include them.  You can see the leftovers – just enough to put an accent strip on two doll-sized pillows.  I love it when I use fabric to the point where there’s nothing to fold and put away, or even to throw in the scrap bin.

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