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When I saw the button on both Obsessive Crafting Disorder as well as Needle and Spatula, it caught my attention.  You see, I’d had a drunkard’s path on my short list ever since seeing this one at Canoe Ridge Creations.

The three blogs helped me to get my very own project done!

I have an Accuquilt, and had gotten the mini drunkard’s path die back in September.  For fabric, I grabbed some leftovers of an older Moda line and paired it with Khaki Kona.  Since my original inspriation was Megan’s quilt, I cut squares out along with the drunkard’s path pieces.

Unfortunately, after I had sewed every loose block into 4-patches, I didn’ t like it.  And I couldn’t make more blocks because I’d started with remnants.  I stewed for a couple days, then ripped.  Blocks were arranged and rearranged on my floor for days.  (With suitable warnings to my family to step carefully when walking in the area!)

I finally came up with a setting that I liked – diagonal lines running across the length of the quilt.  I must have tried and abandoned 6 different ideas before I came up with this one.  A bit more ripping, some strategic re-arranging, and I was back at the sewing machine.

I love it!  I think I have found an ok backing for it in my stash, but I might not get around to quilting it until after the holidays.


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