As far as I know, wordpress doesn’t support followers.  Directly.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t follow anyways, just that you have to do a couple things to become a Follower.   There are two ways that I know of:


First, go to your blogger dashboard.  Click on your name from a post, or log in at  See the add button at the bottom of your blog list?  Click it.

When you click the add button, a menu pops up where you can enter the URL.  Type in, or copy it from the task bar.

Click Next, and you’ll get to one more screen, where you can follow publicly or privately. 

You’re done!  Read away!


Use Google’s reader. 

Go to  My blogs show up there already, but I’m signed in.

On the left hand side, just under where it says “Google reader”, there’s a button that says “+ Add Subscription”.  Click it.  Enter the blog you want to follow, and you’re good.

Sew Cal Gal has instructions on how to do it, too.  Just click HERE to go to her site.