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I offered to test a block / make blocks for a group quilt for a designer that I appreciate.  Her style is fun, bright, and whimsical.  I’m smitten.

So…I picked out some bright fabrics.  Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Pink.  Though I could have dug through my scrap bin.  (But it still scares me, and I’m still working on taming it via color sorting.)  You can cut the whole block out of 4 half WOF jelly roll strips (yup, leftover binding strips!)!  And a background fabric.  Sew a few seams and you’re done.  As we say out here, easy peasey lemon squeezy.

You know who you are.

Please hurry up!  (OK, so I still have to get my blocks to the post office, but, still…finish already!  I need to see your setting options before I go crazy making blocks!)

This un-named designer is also sponsoring a quilt-a-long – Drop and Give Me 20.   Comment on her blog, and commit to 20 minutes…or more…of quilting every day in the shortest month of the year!  Just think what can be done in 20 minutes of dedicated sewing every day.  For me, my biggest failing is to plan to quilt, then go and play with fabrics or watch some show instead of actually putting foot to foot pedal and sewing.  I’m in!

For today, even though it’s still January, my 20 minutes is going to be making my 2nd block for Quilt in a Day’s block-of-the-month club.  Now that I finally have the rickrack I need, I just need to cut and sew so I can put the fabrics safely away until it’s time to sew February’s block.


Well, I’ve finished sewing all my tops together.

And realized that as a result of my sewing frenzy I now have 4 tops to finish.  Looks like my pinning table and I will be seeing a lot of each other next week!  Should I admit that I do have enough pins to pin baste 4 quilts at once?  (When I basted my queen sized Bricks and Blocks quilt I probably used only 60% of my pins – I have two containers full!)  But I can’t pin until after I make backs, and 2 of the 4 will require pieced backs.

When I look at the photos, I notice 2 things – the first is that I need to press everything!  (I have a new iron and don’t like it – it seems to not press as well as my old one.)  The second is that the colors seem off.  I’ll try to get better pictures when the quilts are finished, but the light does feel very ‘yellow’ in my house today.

First finished, but not first started, is the tumbler quilt.  I started with a yard of a pink print I’ve had for years and started cutting up bits and pieces of pink fabrics to go with it with my mini tumbler die.  This quilt will end up being a NICU incubator cover at a local hospital, so I need a backing that’s bright and fun to go with it.

Next up is the hidden stars quilt.  Same drill as before only the theme fabric was a pink/black/white/aqua cat print that I made my daughter a skirt out of 4 years ago, and the die was a 3″ HST.  I’d intended a normal set, with all the triangles oriented the same way.  As I laid it out on the floor, I realized that if I rearranged the blocks, I could make stars.  If you look, there are sawtooth stars, friendship stars, and pinwheels all over the quilt top.  This one’s for charity also – the guild wants 30×36 for crib quilts, so I made this one 30×39.  Perfect!

Third to finish was the monkey quilt.  I had all of the fabric out from my last venture, so I started stripping again using the leftover bits and pieces.  I added a few new fabrics, but it will be nice to have one more fabric (the monkey print) gone out of my stash.  (I know some people track yards in and yards out – I feel happy when I completely finish a fabric and all I have left are bits for the scrap bin.)

First started, and last finished, is the Drunkard’s Path.  This one was put into 4-patch blocks at a sit-n-sew last month.  When I laid it out on the floor I didn’t like it.  So, after staring at it for a few days, trying to avoid the inevitable, I ripped them all back apart again.  A few more evenings playing with the layout, and I came up with something I’m happy with.

Thanks for following along!  This weekend I’ll be piecing backs, and maybe quilting on the littlest one if the weather cooperates and I can spray-baste it.

I’ve had a rough couple of months, trying to make a silk purse…well, you know.  All my sewing has been strictly for stress relief, so I’ve gotten a few charity quilt tops done, but not much else.

I’m still there.  My thing is done, so I’ve got some time on my hands, but need to get my head clear first.  I don’t want to think too hard, so whatever it is has to be quick and easy.

So I cut out 150 pink mini tumblers with my AccuQuilt.  And sewed them together, and put borders on.  Nope, not enough.

So I sewed together the 72 3.5″ drunkard’s path blocks (I’d cut out in Sept), paired them with squares of the same size.  Didn’t like it.  Spent a few evenings ripping it apart.  Oh well, into every quilt some ripping must occur.

So then I grabbed the leftovers from a skirt that I’d made for my daughter…4 years ago…and cut it all into 3.5″ HSTs with my GO.  Added a hundred or so more HSTs, sewed them together into squares, then had fun playing with the layout.  I think it’s 30×39 finished – so that’s 110 squares, or 220 HSTs.  All cut in an hour of two out of scraps, remnants, and other awkward pieces of fabric.

So then I took a leftover piece of monkey fabric and made that top all over again.

I think my head is almost clear.   (I haven’t made the time to take pictures.  I’ve been too busy cutting and sewing! )

In case it’s not, please don’t get betwee me and my cutter.  Especially if you’re wearing a great shirt!

Out there in blog-land I know of two open Go! Baby giveaways, if you’d like a speed-cutter of your very own:

Lily Pad Quilting  and Pings and Needles

Good luck!

I’ve been wanting to make a brown, black, and tan quilt for months now.  I couldn’t figure out what I wanted it to be, however.  Simple and modern, for sure.  The pattern?  No idea.

Then I saw it.  The quilt I wanted to make, and it was HERE.  Scroll down, and there it is, on her design wall.  I was smitten.  I still haven’t figured out what the pattern is, or where she found it.  (Though I have one friend who said she’d seen it in a magazine.)

I cut, and cut, and cut some more, because this was to be a queen sized quilt for the local guild’s quilt auction.  Not having a pattern, I winged it, and decided that it had to be made from 2.5″ strips.  To make an 80×88 quilt, I needed to have 440 bricks that were 2.5×6.5, and 440 blocks that were 2.5×2.5.  That was lots and lots of cutting.  I tried using my AccuQuilt and the 2.5″ strip cutter, but ended up using my rotary cutter – I was dealing with scraps, and bits, and all sorts of odd-sized pieces so it was easier to just cut them with a ruler.

There’s most of the top, draped over the railing. Laying it out was a bit of a challenge.  I ended up using the queen-sized bed in the guest room, laying 75% of it out, then adding rows on at the end.

Basting it, oddly enough, went much quicker than I’d imagined.  I’d thought that using spray baste would be the thing for this big of a quilt, but I just ended up with wrinkles everywhere.  So I pulled it apart, pulled in my pinning table, and got started.  I was able to pin baste the whole thing in under 2.5 hours.  My pinning table is great for me – it’s about 40×50 without putting in a leaf, so I did have to shift this quilt a few times, but there are no wrinkles anywhere on it.

Because this quilt needed to be done quickly, and was for an auction that’s known for bargain-hunters, and I needed to do it on my home machine, I stipple quilted it.  Add some binding, my favorite part of the process, and I got it done with days to spare!

I love this quilt…however, I didn’t get to enjoy it much at all.  But that’s OK, because while I wanted to make a quilt in this color way and really love the quilt, it was never intended to stay with me.  I hope that its new owner loves it as much as I did!

Somehow I think I’ll be making this quilt again…it went together so easily, and makes such an interesting pattern.

Well, quilts 2 and 3 are now done, too.  Though there are a few threads to bury and snip.  I’m saving the biggest one for last!

This one was quick and simple – a chunk (this one was about 12″) of fun monkey fabric sitting offset in the middle of a bunch of purple strips of random widths.  The one thing I would change would be putting a narrow border around the outside.  There’s a 1″ strip of a mottled solid purple framing the monkey print.  Then I used the same fabric as the binding, but I either need a narrow border or a wide binding to balance things out.

Fun and done!

Seems like AccuQuilt giveaways are still popping up everywhere!  This week I found the at The Pickedish Patch, At Second Street, and Gen X Quilters.

Thanks for visiting!

I have been so inspired lately!  In the past 3 weeks I’ve made 3 quilts – and while two of them are baby sized, there’s also a full-sized bed quilt.  I’m binding all 3 right now.





When my daughter was small, I was gender neutral.  Yes, she had pink, but she also had red, purple, blue, and all sorts of other colors in her wardrobe.

Then she discovered color, and choices.  And her color choices were Pink, Purple, and Yellow, in that order.  Though very little yellow, and only slightly more purple, made it’s way into her clothing choices.

Meantime, she’s sleeping with a quilt that’s blue and cream on her bed.  So, when she was almost 5, I promised her a new quilt for her bed.  We picked out a pattern, and went shopping.  The pattern is Sunporch Splash from the book Tropical Thirds by Four Corners Designs.  No thirds were used in the making of this quilt – why buy thirds when you can buy half yards?  Pink, of course, was the color of choice.  Pink with purple was tolerated.  Pink with green?  Not approved.  A white background?  Barely tolerated.  White is not pink, purple, or yellow, and had not been approved by the ‘client’.

I got mad at the border, due to my own inaccurate sewing, but finished her Pink and White quilt just in time to give it to her for Christmas 2008 – when she was 5.  It’s been on her bed ever since.  She lives with this quilt.  She sleeps under, on, and next to it.  She’s had bloody noses on it.  She’s been sick with it.  She’s used clothespink and the quilt to make a tent to sleep under.  She’s used it to hide under when in trouble.  (Note that all of these things will happen again, I’m sure of it.)

Since this quilt gets such hard use, it’s washed frequently.  Machine wash, tumble dry low.  And after 4 years of heavy use, being washed a couple times a month, it’s completely broken in.  The only problem is that the binding needs replacing.  I’m not surprised, since in the dark of the night in the days before Christmas I used a binding material that I wasn’t confident it – it had a looser weave than I wanted.  So now I have a project, to tear off the binding and replace it.  Yuck!

Since the quilt was such a success, we then made it into a patchwork twirl skirt.  She’s been wearing the skirt since she was 5 – below is with a Sleeping Beauty tank top – (sorry about the pic – the original was lost in a hard drive crash)  No pattern.  6″ squares.  A lot of them.  A mile of thread to gather them.  And a 7-yard-long ruffle on the bottom.

Note the length?  It’s a couple inches above her ankles.  Same skirt, worn again to school today – at age 9 – now up to her knees.  (Bike shorts are showing, not unmentionables.)  A girl’s still gotta be able to do the monkey bars.  However, she is attempting to hide the jello stains on the shirt.  The skirt, like the quilt, regularly sees the inside of both the washer and the dryer.

My child is blessed to be the daughter of a quilter.  She’s been around sewing since her youngest days.  When she was 15 months old, she would play with ‘balloon’ pins in my pincushion.  At 2.5, she’d bury herself in fabric.  Before 4, she’d designed a quilt and helped to make it.  She’s been using sewing machines since she was 5.  I always decided that if I could involve her in my hobby(obsession), I could have more time for my hobby(obsession).  And have more quality time, and encourage her creativity, and… the list of rationalizing goes on…

Last summer, she won a pattern at Quilt in a Day’s store – Cinnamon Swirl.  She decided this was going to be her first quilt, because it was her pattern.  Fine by me, because as it’s a log cabin variation, it’s something that she could do.

In the spring, we found a Honey Bun she liked – Birdie by Moda.  It had been out for a while at that point, but we were lucky enough to find some matching yardage for the borders at the same shop.

Slowly, slowly, we worked our way through the quilt.  Learning about WOWies (wiggly seams that must be ripped and/or resewn), and easing fabric, and lining up edges.  Pinning.  Rotary cutting, which still scares me but she does it better than pinning.

At the end of May, her quit looked like this:  5 blocks done, 10 blocks in progress, 5 blocks unstarted.  Quilts had to be turned in Sept 5!

When the day came that the top was done we rejoiced with glee!  And sent it to school.  DD’s teacher last year had a helper that is a quilter.  I was sure that she’d get lots of prasie for it, and I was right.

It took us a while to figure out how to quilt it.  There were a few false starts, and I ripped out several blocks for her while we figured out how she could best tackle the quilting.  We ended up with something that she could do, though it wasn’t either of our first choices.  It was her first quilting project ever, and she did good.  Sure, there’s variability on the stitch length, and there were a few toe catchers that had to be fixed, but she did it.  Herself.

She finished it just in time (with prodding from me).  We’d entered her quilt into the San Diego Quilt Show that was last week.  The night before the quilts had to be turned in she was stitching on the label.  She did everything on this quilt.  She sewed it, quilted it, and bound it all on her own.  I helped with cutting, pinning, and basting, but made her try those skills too.  Pinning seems to be her worst subject!

She got it done, and her entry was hanging there for everyone to see!  They had the kid’s quilts in a different place this year.

But, they backed right up to the featured quilter’s area this year.  Eleanor Burns was the featured quilter this year.  She was so kind to my daughter!  Knew the quilt, and said she’d been mentioning it in all of her Strip Tzzz lectures.  We ended up staying for one of the lectures, and Eleanor recognized my daughter in the audience.  Called her up front.  Then Eleanor proceeded to toss her own quilt up on to the crossbar, tug the drapes apart, and flip my daughter’s quilt through from the back for all to see.  Loved it!!!

Afterwards Eleanor went around the corner with us and had a picture taken in front of the quilt with my daughter.  So great!

My daughter is proud of herself, rightfully so.  I’m proud of her, too!  You go, girl!

Lots of Go! Baby contests out there right now – gotta enter to win!

Vicki B Quilts –

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Crazy Mom Quilts

If you’re looking for a Silhouette SD Cutter, try here:

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Best of luck!


I’m on the lookout for a new cutting machine.  I am a quiter who loves her tools and am looking for a speedy way to cut out appliques.

(and a speedy way to make school posters for DD – it takes way too much time to trace and color in titles on posters)

I’m thinking that either the Slice or the Silhouette SD will give me some of what I’m looking for.  I just can’t seem to find enough info about them being used to cut fabric/fusible to make up my mind.

So I’m entering giveaways, hoping to win!  Here are a few:

A Bowl Full of Lemons

Tatertots and Jello

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Grosgrain Fabulous

Unique Baby Gear

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