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I’ve started sewing my Jeweled Stars quilt top together.  I still don’t have all the blocks assembled, but I started anywasy!  I figured that I’d save those last few blocks (really, there’s less than 10) for when I needed something I could really fit in my lap.

I decided to set the stars together with navy, which really was the best choice.  I stewed for a few days, trying to decide if I was going to set them together with diamonds between them or space them out and have hexagons between them.  I finally decided that when I put navy hexagons in there I saw the navy hex first, and the stars second, instead of seeing the stars first and the diamonds sitting in the background.

(See where my camera lens is smudged?  Wish I would have noticed it earlier…)

Much to my relief, I’ve found some yardage from this fabric line that I can use for border, binding, and backing – could be some, all, or none.  I’ve had this fabric for 5 years, and I’ve been looking for yardage for about a year.  Somehow my LQS bought out the inventory of another store and got some of this in!  It’s the print of the star in the middle of the bottom row, and the color of the blue in the star on the right of the bottom row.  So I’ll sew up a few stars out of this fabric and then I can use it however I choose – or choose not to – when that day comes.

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Instead of a science fair, my daughter’s school has an Invention Convention whre the kids are encouraged to come up with an invention that solves a problem.  You see everything here that a kid can come up with.  This year my daugher participated, with her Super Small Guard Robot, “Sarge”, the ultimate in home defense.  So we’ve spent a lot of family time this week discussing Sarge – what he looks like, what he does, how to communicate this to others.  And then made a poster and model for her to share at school.  Sarge is the size of a tennis ball, runs around on 6 legs, has solar panels for power, an antenna for communication, a speaker for warning, and an eye to spot bad guys.  He was created from a decorative deck knob (body), 6 restaurant kids cup straws (legs), one googly eye (eye), a snip of pipe cleaner (antenna), markers, and enough silver spray paint that my garage still reeks of it.

I have been working on a few things.  So what’s my Work in Progress?  Probably the Kickin’ Stash quilt, because I’d like to get the top done in time for the Scrap Attack linky party at stitchedincolor.

Kickin’ Stash is coming along.  The blocks are pieced together, and I will probably have this top finished over the weekend.  Another quilt without a cause, just an exercise in stash reduction and true excitement over .  A true scrap quilt – the border was bought 2 years ago for a baby quilt (the babies turned 2 last November) and 80% of the pinks came from my scrap bin.  The rest came from already-cut-into pieces from my stash.

Other than that, here’s the list:

  • Twister – the top is done.
  • English Paper Piecing – long term project, making progress!
  • Dresden Plates – blocks are done, need to sash.
  • 2 BOM blocks – a bit of a struggle of my fabric vs the patterns.
  • Bricks and Blocks 2 – made one, loved it and let it go to its intended home, so I’m making another.  Fabrics are collected.
  • Embroidery – a labor of love.

I’m a bit overwhelmed!  I haven’t actually listed all my current WIPs in one place in a while… (note the word current…)

And, it’s been quite a dry spell, but there is a giveaway for an AccuQuilt over at Annies Ruby Slipperz – hop on over for a chance to win!

I’ve joined, in spirit anyways, EPQD‘s Drop and Give me 20 challenge for the month.  It’s been going pretty good for me so far.  I’ve committed to myself 20 minutes of actual sewing every day.  (Note that it’s actual sewing, not sitting at the sewing machine watching Storage Wars on OnDemand.)  Seems like a good way to work my way through the projects on my mental to-do list.  It’s working pretty good, I’m 5 days in and have gotten at least 20 minutes in every day.

Wednesday, 2/1, I did some handwork on my long-term English paper piecing project.  The day got away from me, but I did sew instead of play games on my phone while waiting to pick DD up from school.

Thursday I cut out fabric for a top.  It probably took about 30 minutes, but when I was done, everything was cut.

Friday I sewed some of the top.  And spent almost 2 hours picking up the results of a leaning tower of fabric tumbling to the floor.

Saturday I sewed some more of the top.

This morning I finished the top.  And then made a pillowcase.  And then during the SuperBowl decided to work on my dresden plates  (note that they are now plates and not clocks!).  The plates have been done for a few weeks and need attaching to the backgrounds.  So I spent all night tonight doing that.  9 plates have been attached to 9 backgrounds.

Next up?  Sewing the 9 circles to cover the 9 block centers.

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I love English Paper Piecing.  It’s calming, portable, and requires no marking or measuring.  I’ve rediscovered it this summer, and with all the travel and visitors and everything else, I’ve accomplished more stars in three months than I ever imagined I’d be able to.

(Process post follows…if I could make a decision I’d have a plan, and be working towards a finished project instead of making setting diamonds in every neutral in the book…)

(navy and turquoise)

Given the fact that I started with a set of coordinating FQs that I’ve had for years, I’m about to have to make a decision on setting diamonds.  ACK!  This is a hard set of fabrics to coordinate – it’s got strong yellowy/creamy tones – but not yellow – along with the blues and greens.  I went with lime green for the centers – I loved it at first sight, and now it’s done so I’ve got to re-figure out the rest.

(khaki and ash)

S0…which looks best?  I’ve made diamonds in a variety of colors, laid the blocks out on a bunch of fabrics, and can’t seem to come to a decision.  Originally I had the Kona Ash in mind –  but then I changed.

(ivory, black, and charcoal)

I’ve tried Ivory.  Snow.  Ash.  Charcoal.  Black.  Navy.  Khaki.  Turquoise.  And every time I look at it I change my mind.  What do you think?  Last week I was lovin’ the turquoise batik.  Today it’s the navy solid.


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