I am in the process of quilting something with a due date – and it’s driving me crazy because I have several other things I want (and need) to get done, too.  One of which is taking advantage of my daughter’s re-interest in finishing her UFO.

I have three sewing machines and a house full of options!  As well as an understanding spouse.

So while the upstairs looks like this:

2012 qiad quilting process

The family room downstairs looks like this:

sewing annex 1

sewing annex 2

That’s my project on the wall – I pieced the blocks at a variety of sit-n-sews on my featherweight, and am pretty particular about one machine per project.  DD’s project is on the floor in the other room.

I love my featherweight!  It was well-loved when I bought it, and still sewed pretty good, but was great once I cleaned it up.  And the bonus was that it came with a table!  It’s not an official Singer table, but was hand-made by the original owner’s husband.  And the table and sewing machine are still a great pair 64 years later.

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