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I am in the process of quilting something with a due date – and it’s driving me crazy because I have several other things I want (and need) to get done, too.  One of which is taking advantage of my daughter’s re-interest in finishing her UFO.

I have three sewing machines and a house full of options!  As well as an understanding spouse.

So while the upstairs looks like this:

2012 qiad quilting process

The family room downstairs looks like this:

sewing annex 1

sewing annex 2

That’s my project on the wall – I pieced the blocks at a variety of sit-n-sews on my featherweight, and am pretty particular about one machine per project.  DD’s project is on the floor in the other room.

I love my featherweight!  It was well-loved when I bought it, and still sewed pretty good, but was great once I cleaned it up.  And the bonus was that it came with a table!  It’s not an official Singer table, but was hand-made by the original owner’s husband.  And the table and sewing machine are still a great pair 64 years later.

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I’ve shared my progress on this year’s Quilt in a Day Block of the Month.  I finished up replacing the olive sashing with something brighter (and am much happier for it).

So now it’s time for an outer border.  The quilts shown in class had a appliqued floral vine or a checkerboard.  Neither one suited my style and my quilt.  So I started considering options.

(all the photos are from my phone and were taken to help me choose options, not blog, but since this is a process report we’ll all work ith it.  The turquoise/red occasionally seen behind is DD’s latest WIP – more on that soon)

First, Hourglass / broken dishes blocks.  Didn’t like them.

Then, a double row of 3″ HSTs.  Nope.

HST borderHST double border

Maybe a single row?  Nope to that one, too.

HST border

Maybe I can rearrange the HSTs – sawtooth border anyone?

sawtooth border

I started messing around in Electric Quilt.  I decided to try some rectangles.  I asked my husband – 1×3 or 1×2?  He was quite decisive.  “1×2,” he says.  “It’s the closer to the Golden Ratio.”  Where my engineer husband ever ran across the Golden Ratio I don’t know, but I like the results.  For reference, a 1.25×2 rectangle would be exactly the Golden Ration (1.61) but the corners wouldn’t have resolved themselves.

So here’s the finished top – which, as of this instant, is being quilted.  In the chaos of traveling for Thanksgiving and then the plague that has invaded our house afterwards, I am running a bit behind.  My goal for finishing this quilt is Dec 11, which looks pretty good since it’s about 40×40 square.

rectangles border

Of course, I still have scads of the fabric (Sunkissed by Sweetwater for Moda) left – it was hard to find when I picked the line last spring, and so every time I found a piece of it I bought at least 1/2 yard.  Way too much to use on the back.  So I think a simple quilt made of the scraps is in my future…next year…

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