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I tried to resist, but the Scrappy Stash Quilt Along over at Ellison Lane Quilts proved too hard to resist.

My friends are impressed.  I’m not even surprised.  Even a bit embarassed, because I know that I made a lap-sized quilt out of blue scraps (plus one yard of fabric) late last year.

There are no rainbows here, even though all of the ROYGBIV quilts are fun to look at.  My entire SSQA quilt is Blue.  The whole thing.  The blocks completely came out of my blue scrap bag, too.  There was no going to the stash and adding fabrics to liven things up.  Please, take a minute to be impressed with my self-control.  There are fabrics in there that should have never seen the light of day again…

I loved how easy it was to make.  Because my blue bag was stuffed-to-overflowing, I’d grab out fabrics a handful at a time to use, and made 3 blocks at a time.  My only criteria in placing fabrics were (1) smallest amount of trimming possible and (2) not touching the same fabric.   Usually I look at fabrics and put them back (even into the scrap bin) becaue there might be a better use for them somewhere else.  Not here!  If it fit it got sewed on.

Those who have been following along know that I decided that a 1″ finished sashing in slate blue was required to calm, connect, and unify things.  In other words, I liked it a whole lot better with a common thread running among the blocks than simply setting them together given all of the chaos in the blocks.  There are 30s, novelties, Civil War, and modern fabrics…something was needed to make things look just a bit more unified.  Then I put a 3″ finished border on it to help it stay together just a little bit more.  My resident fabric consultant said I should use the slate blue for binding, so that’s what I did.

This is not a quilt for the ages.  This is a utility quilt, which means that it’s life will be spent in the garage, where it will be used to make ‘beds’ in the ‘houses’ defined by sidewalk chalk, safe zones for American Girl outdoor picnics, and tents over lawn chairs.  It will be a good life!

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I rarely win anything.  As I was sitting in a guild meeting just yesterday, I commented this to the person sitting next to me that I’ve won probably twice in three years, from a group that theoretically gives out 200 door prizes a year.

Imagine my surprise when I looked at SewCalGal’s blog last week and I won!  I excitedly sent off my address and was told that since the Fat Quarter Shop would be shipping my prize directly it should come pretty quickly.

And quickly it did – yesterday my husband delivered unto me a priority mail envelope!

I tore into the package this morning to find my very own copy of Simply Fat Quarters from It’s Sew Emma.  I’m sew excited!

Not only did I find a great book with lots of usable patterns, but I found THE pattern.

For months and months I’ve known I have to make a baby quilt for my DH’s favorite cousin.  The baby is now three months old, and I haven’t done anything but fail.  I found the best fabric but when I cut into it and started sewing I wasn’t happy at all.  For the last four months I’ve been looking – for different fabric, for coordinating fabric, for a great pattern, for inspiration.

And now I’ve found it.  Let me introduce you to…Marbles.  The big snowballs are 7″ finished, which is perfect to show off the 3-4″ tall giraffes in my fabric.  I only have 27″ of this fabric left, I can stretch it out among these showballs and still get 15 of them!

Now if I only had time to work on it…my project list boggles my mind…

Sometimes you just need a good seam ripper.  Sometimes, it just needs to be done.

I’d made these blocks through Quilt in a Day’s block party.  All along, I had a vision, even if my blocks didn’t get the oohs and aahs that some others did during show and tell every month.  My vision was to use Sweetwater’s Sunkissed fabric, which I loved, to make the blocks, then set them together with green sashing, then to put on a scrappy outer border.

By the time it came to put everything together, I couldn’t find the solid green that went with the line.  So off I went to a LQS, blocks in hand, to find a green.  In the shop, with the assistance of the owner and a friend (read here that I’m not solely to blame for my decision) I ended up picking a darker green for the sashing.  The green is in the quilt, but it’s not the prevalent green.

So I finished my blocks and put them together.  As soon as I started seeing the sashing between the blocks I thought I wasn’t going to love it, but I perservered.  Pretty soon I had all the sashing done – and didn’t like it that much.

I left it alone, figuring that it would grow on me.  I showed it to a friend – she liked it.  My husband liked it.  Took it to class, showed it off – they liked it.  I even heard comments about the dark sashing really setting things off.

But I still didn’t like it.  So off I went to the largest quilt store in the county.  They have a ton of solids.  They didn’t have *the* solid that came with the Sunkissed line, but I came pretty close to matching it.

Cut a few strips of it, pinned them to the top, and asked my DD/color commentary provider about it.  She liked the new green better.


So now I rip it.  And rip it.  And rip it.  I have 40 inches of ripping left to do (the picture is from early last night), then I get to put it back together again.  It will probably take me all weekend, but it will be worth it!

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First and foremost, a shoutout to my DH.  My quilting mojo has been gone for a little while.  I’ve been overwhelmed by a lot of things, and when it was a struggle to complete the simplest Halloween costume I’ve done in years (last year’s Party City purchase being not included) I knew I was well and truly stuck.  But I got unstuck this week.  And he let me hang out in the sewing room for most of Friday night, a good chunk of Saturday, and a few hours again today.  He even helped me spray baste this afternoon!

The first thing I finished was completely catching up on Quilt in a Day’s block of the month.  There is still a border to add, but I’m completely caught up before Tuesday’s class.  The fabric is Sunkissed by Sweetwater from early this year.

Then I realized that I was possibly able to finish my Ellison Lane / SSQA quilt top.  The blocks are made from everything under the sun that was blue.  There are blues from my early quilts right up to the bee blocks I made last month all in there.  So how to make them all hang together?  A 1″ blue/grey batik sashing.  Then I added a 2.5″ border to finish it all out.  I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I almost always pin baste, but today I decided that spray basting would be just the thing.  I enlisted my husband and we went outside (of course!) and got it done in about 15 minutes.

(Just a comment.  That royal blue fabric with the big white polka dots?  Looks like ellipses stringing otu across several quilt blocks?  That’s from a pair of shorts I made.  for me.  a long time ago.  What was I thinking?)

AND…yes, there’s more!  I took a bit of time last night and did a bit of quilting on my dresden plate quilt.  I plan on densely quilting that quilt so it’s going to take some time.

I don’t know why I let myself get hung up on the things on my quilting list.  It’s all for fun, right?  I let that Halloween costume drag me to a standstill, even though it was super easy to put together.  Well, I also had to tear my quilting room apart because we had a garage sale last weekend.  I needed my card table, which I cut on, out to display items, and the loveseat, which was being sold, out in the driveway.

But since then I’ve been able to get back in the groove.  It’s so nice!

The first thing I did this week is a herringbone block for the SDMQG’s block bee.  We were linked back to Stitched in Color’s great tutorial and given a color palette.  Loved it!  The block went together very easy, and I only had to unpick one seam.   Don’t mind the backlighting in the picture – my design ‘wall’ is more of a window covering.

In the picture you can see part of the 2012 Quilt in a Day Block Party quilt – Quilts from El’s Kitchen.  A few weeks ago we got the LAST BLOCK for the quilt – now all we need is directions on the border, which we will get in class on Tuesday.  This has been a challenge for me.  I chose to do the small – 6″ – blocks, which means that I have had huge struggles with fabric scale.  The fabrics I chose were mostly Moda’s Sunkissed by Sweetwater, with a few other prints thrown in.  This morning I finished re-doing the last block!

It’s actually the Hearts and Gizzards block from February, but when I made it there was not enough contrast in the block.  I decided to wait until the very end to redo it, so that I could have the chance to balance out colors in the quilt.  So now that is DONE!  And I get to move on…

to more applique…because I realized that I never bothered sewing down the flowers on the center block.  I skipped doing this with the best of intentions – I wasn’t sure that I would be happy with the placement in the end, but I’ve decided to not overthink it.

I have four colors to applique down there – I’m most of the way done with the last flower color and only have leaves left after this.

Next up is sashing the blocks.  I’d love to stay glued to my sewing machine this weekend and get the top put toghether, but we’ll have to see what the weekend brings.  The class meets again on Tuesday, where Eleanor will give us instructions on her recommended outer borders.

Because I’ve been so distracted lately, I’m not sure if I’m going to get my SSQA quilt done for the 13th, but there are worse things.  My blue scraps are at the lowest amount they’ve been ever.  I have 30 blocks done and sashing picked out, but switched over to keeping up with the Quilt in a Day project and put them away.

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