We have lots of steps in our quilting.  Picking patterns.  Picking fabrics.  Piecing.  Quilting.

Well, this weekend, I’m in P.B. mode.

Peanut Butter?  No.

Pitney Bowes?  No.

Pacific Beach?  (I wish…)  No.

Pieced Backings?  Yes.

Yup, I spent most of my sewing time for the last three days making pieced backings.  It all started when I realized I had 4 big and 3 little tops that needed quilting.  The big ones all needed pieced backs.  I showed you one of them just getting started here.  But I’ve now gotten all 4 of them done.  Phew!  They’re all done a little bit differently, too.

This one I shared in progress.  3 4.5″ wide rows of blues stacked and sewn together.   The yellow is covering up where I already pieced the label into the backing.  (yeah me!)

This one came next.  It’s the same concept, only I used the leftover background fabric from the front.

This was third, the backing for my black/white twister.  I struggled with picking backing fabrics on this one.  I never thought the back would be black – I had imagined it as a green.  But I found this really cool binding print in my stash and black it was.  Definitely my least favorite backing of the bunch.  (The flash did something really unusual to this picture.  The two big sections are black/grey RJR fabrics, which washed out.  The florals are a Maywood, which brightened up because it’s really dark in person.)

Then the last.  The most time-consuming.  This is the back to my dresden plate.  I was going to use the leftover background/sashing fabric for the backing but then decided I’d like to use them somewhere else instead.  So I found a diagonal stripe in my stash that was the same colors.  And every little bit of leftover fabric I had.  Sliced down and pieced back together, then inset into the backing fabric.  I also pieced the label into this one.

Thanks for stopping by!  Deb