I’ve started sewing my Jeweled Stars quilt top together.  I still don’t have all the blocks assembled, but I started anywasy!  I figured that I’d save those last few blocks (really, there’s less than 10) for when I needed something I could really fit in my lap.

I decided to set the stars together with navy, which really was the best choice.  I stewed for a few days, trying to decide if I was going to set them together with diamonds between them or space them out and have hexagons between them.  I finally decided that when I put navy hexagons in there I saw the navy hex first, and the stars second, instead of seeing the stars first and the diamonds sitting in the background.

(See where my camera lens is smudged?  Wish I would have noticed it earlier…)

Much to my relief, I’ve found some yardage from this fabric line that I can use for border, binding, and backing – could be some, all, or none.  I’ve had this fabric for 5 years, and I’ve been looking for yardage for about a year.  Somehow my LQS bought out the inventory of another store and got some of this in!  It’s the print of the star in the middle of the bottom row, and the color of the blue in the star on the right of the bottom row.  So I’ll sew up a few stars out of this fabric and then I can use it however I choose – or choose not to – when that day comes.

Thanks for stopping by!  Deb