A few months ago I bought a new-to-me Featherweight 221.  I’m enjoying it, now that I’m figuring out it’s quirks.

I found it really awkward to carry it, though.  The featherweight is the ‘perfect portable’ but when you add the case on that thing must weigh 20+ pounds, and the case bangs against your leg when you carry it, and I’ve heard that the handles on the cases can be fragile after 50 or more years of use.

So I made a tote for my case!  Protects the case.  Protects my legs.  Even protects my car (from the latches).  And I put long straps on it so that I can carry it on my shoulder, but not so long that I can’t carry it in my hand, either.

And check out the fabric – it has fabric words on it!  TieDye, Batik, Fabric, Patchwork, Paisley…I could spend quite a long time looking for all the different words.

I made a few more to put in the boutique at the quilt show one of my guilds is having this weekend.   Hopefully someone else will want to own one too!  Or maybe you?  I listed two in my etsy shop.

Have a good week!  Deb