I have finished my drunkard’s path quilt!  I started this as part of the quiltalong that was run by Needle and Spatula as well as Obsessive Crafting Disorder  last year.

I did my quilt using my AccuQuilt GO! and the small drunkard’s path die.  I’ve sewed curves for years, but never a drunkard’s path, so this was pretty new to me.  Finished my quilt top in time for the end of the quiltalong, after much obsessing and seam-ripping about the layout.

To continue the trend, there was much obsessing and seam-ripping over the quilting as well.  I ripped out several bobbins worth of stitching – first because I didn’t like something, then because I was trying to not mark when I should have marked and it looked really bad.

I ended up echo quilting around everything, but since I decided how to quilt this quilt one line at a time, it took way longer than it should have.

I used Kona khaki for the background, and after quilting I could see every single needle hole from where I’d ripped out stitching.  So, into the wash it went.  However, the dryer got switched onto ‘heavy duty’, and only this quilt was in there, so it got cooked.  The batting (Warm and Natural) shrunk much more than I’m used to seeing.  The quilt went in at 39″ square and came out at 37″ square – that’s just over 5% shrinkage!

I haven’t decided what I think of it.  I want to love it, and from close up I do, because you can really see the ins and outs.  From a bit further away it looke more like HSTs running in furrows.

I also finished up a few pillowcases that I promised to do for my sister’s kids – they’re off in the mail tomorrow.  Her kids have very specific tastes – baseball, horses, and princesses.  Easy!  One is getting a personalized pillowcase as well…I felt sorry for her because she’s been sleeping on big sis’s personalized pillowcase that was handed down to her.  She deserves to sleep on a pillowcase with her own name!

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