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I’ve had a rough couple of months, trying to make a silk purse…well, you know.  All my sewing has been strictly for stress relief, so I’ve gotten a few charity quilt tops done, but not much else.

I’m still there.  My thing is done, so I’ve got some time on my hands, but need to get my head clear first.  I don’t want to think too hard, so whatever it is has to be quick and easy.

So I cut out 150 pink mini tumblers with my AccuQuilt.  And sewed them together, and put borders on.  Nope, not enough.

So I sewed together the 72 3.5″ drunkard’s path blocks (I’d cut out in Sept), paired them with squares of the same size.  Didn’t like it.  Spent a few evenings ripping it apart.  Oh well, into every quilt some ripping must occur.

So then I grabbed the leftovers from a skirt that I’d made for my daughter…4 years ago…and cut it all into 3.5″ HSTs with my GO.  Added a hundred or so more HSTs, sewed them together into squares, then had fun playing with the layout.  I think it’s 30×39 finished – so that’s 110 squares, or 220 HSTs.  All cut in an hour of two out of scraps, remnants, and other awkward pieces of fabric.

So then I took a leftover piece of monkey fabric and made that top all over again.

I think my head is almost clear.   (I haven’t made the time to take pictures.  I’ve been too busy cutting and sewing! )

In case it’s not, please don’t get betwee me and my cutter.  Especially if you’re wearing a great shirt!

Out there in blog-land I know of two open Go! Baby giveaways, if you’d like a speed-cutter of your very own:

Lily Pad Quilting  and Pings and Needles

Good luck!

I’ve been wanting to make a brown, black, and tan quilt for months now.  I couldn’t figure out what I wanted it to be, however.  Simple and modern, for sure.  The pattern?  No idea.

Then I saw it.  The quilt I wanted to make, and it was HERE.  Scroll down, and there it is, on her design wall.  I was smitten.  I still haven’t figured out what the pattern is, or where she found it.  (Though I have one friend who said she’d seen it in a magazine.)

I cut, and cut, and cut some more, because this was to be a queen sized quilt for the local guild’s quilt auction.  Not having a pattern, I winged it, and decided that it had to be made from 2.5″ strips.  To make an 80×88 quilt, I needed to have 440 bricks that were 2.5×6.5, and 440 blocks that were 2.5×2.5.  That was lots and lots of cutting.  I tried using my AccuQuilt and the 2.5″ strip cutter, but ended up using my rotary cutter – I was dealing with scraps, and bits, and all sorts of odd-sized pieces so it was easier to just cut them with a ruler.

There’s most of the top, draped over the railing. Laying it out was a bit of a challenge.  I ended up using the queen-sized bed in the guest room, laying 75% of it out, then adding rows on at the end.

Basting it, oddly enough, went much quicker than I’d imagined.  I’d thought that using spray baste would be the thing for this big of a quilt, but I just ended up with wrinkles everywhere.  So I pulled it apart, pulled in my pinning table, and got started.  I was able to pin baste the whole thing in under 2.5 hours.  My pinning table is great for me – it’s about 40×50 without putting in a leaf, so I did have to shift this quilt a few times, but there are no wrinkles anywhere on it.

Because this quilt needed to be done quickly, and was for an auction that’s known for bargain-hunters, and I needed to do it on my home machine, I stipple quilted it.  Add some binding, my favorite part of the process, and I got it done with days to spare!

I love this quilt…however, I didn’t get to enjoy it much at all.  But that’s OK, because while I wanted to make a quilt in this color way and really love the quilt, it was never intended to stay with me.  I hope that its new owner loves it as much as I did!

Somehow I think I’ll be making this quilt again…it went together so easily, and makes such an interesting pattern.

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