When my daughter was small, I was gender neutral.  Yes, she had pink, but she also had red, purple, blue, and all sorts of other colors in her wardrobe.

Then she discovered color, and choices.  And her color choices were Pink, Purple, and Yellow, in that order.  Though very little yellow, and only slightly more purple, made it’s way into her clothing choices.

Meantime, she’s sleeping with a quilt that’s blue and cream on her bed.  So, when she was almost 5, I promised her a new quilt for her bed.  We picked out a pattern, and went shopping.  The pattern is Sunporch Splash from the book Tropical Thirds by Four Corners Designs.  No thirds were used in the making of this quilt – why buy thirds when you can buy half yards?  Pink, of course, was the color of choice.  Pink with purple was tolerated.  Pink with green?  Not approved.  A white background?  Barely tolerated.  White is not pink, purple, or yellow, and had not been approved by the ‘client’.

I got mad at the border, due to my own inaccurate sewing, but finished her Pink and White quilt just in time to give it to her for Christmas 2008 – when she was 5.  It’s been on her bed ever since.  She lives with this quilt.  She sleeps under, on, and next to it.  She’s had bloody noses on it.  She’s been sick with it.  She’s used clothespink and the quilt to make a tent to sleep under.  She’s used it to hide under when in trouble.  (Note that all of these things will happen again, I’m sure of it.)

Since this quilt gets such hard use, it’s washed frequently.  Machine wash, tumble dry low.  And after 4 years of heavy use, being washed a couple times a month, it’s completely broken in.  The only problem is that the binding needs replacing.  I’m not surprised, since in the dark of the night in the days before Christmas I used a binding material that I wasn’t confident it – it had a looser weave than I wanted.  So now I have a project, to tear off the binding and replace it.  Yuck!

Since the quilt was such a success, we then made it into a patchwork twirl skirt.  She’s been wearing the skirt since she was 5 – below is with a Sleeping Beauty tank top – (sorry about the pic – the original was lost in a hard drive crash)  No pattern.  6″ squares.  A lot of them.  A mile of thread to gather them.  And a 7-yard-long ruffle on the bottom.

Note the length?  It’s a couple inches above her ankles.  Same skirt, worn again to school today – at age 9 – now up to her knees.  (Bike shorts are showing, not unmentionables.)  A girl’s still gotta be able to do the monkey bars.  However, she is attempting to hide the jello stains on the shirt.  The skirt, like the quilt, regularly sees the inside of both the washer and the dryer.