I love English Paper Piecing.  It’s calming, portable, and requires no marking or measuring.  I’ve rediscovered it this summer, and with all the travel and visitors and everything else, I’ve accomplished more stars in three months than I ever imagined I’d be able to.

(Process post follows…if I could make a decision I’d have a plan, and be working towards a finished project instead of making setting diamonds in every neutral in the book…)

(navy and turquoise)

Given the fact that I started with a set of coordinating FQs that I’ve had for years, I’m about to have to make a decision on setting diamonds.  ACK!  This is a hard set of fabrics to coordinate – it’s got strong yellowy/creamy tones – but not yellow – along with the blues and greens.  I went with lime green for the centers – I loved it at first sight, and now it’s done so I’ve got to re-figure out the rest.

(khaki and ash)

S0…which looks best?  I’ve made diamonds in a variety of colors, laid the blocks out on a bunch of fabrics, and can’t seem to come to a decision.  Originally I had the Kona Ash in mind –  but then I changed.

(ivory, black, and charcoal)

I’ve tried Ivory.  Snow.  Ash.  Charcoal.  Black.  Navy.  Khaki.  Turquoise.  And every time I look at it I change my mind.  What do you think?  Last week I was lovin’ the turquoise batik.  Today it’s the navy solid.