I have a theory.  When it comes to school projects, the kid does the work.  I am there to help – at times, to provide inspiration, to embellish or pare down a project, to teach the skills needed.  Not all parents seem to agree with me…at least not if the endangered animal diaramas just done by the 3rd graders are any indication.  I also believe that most school proejcts should be able to be made from items found around the house.  (As a crafty type with a crafty kid, believe me, we’re not going to run out of glue, popsicle sticks, or yarn any time this century.)

So when it came to an end-of-the-year thank you for her teacher and teacher’s helper, it was going to be something that she could make.

About a month ago, I saw the cutest mug rug.  (Of course, I can’t find the link anywhere!) It was quilted to resemble lined notebook paper, and had ‘thank you’ embroidered on it in red.  I showed it to DD8.85 at the time, and she liked it.

Last night, in just over an hour, we (she) knocked them out.  5″ square white fabric, 1″ strips (about 1.25 WOF strips needed for 2), 6″ square backing, batting, thread, and a fabric marker.  I cut the fabric and marked the lines for the notebook paper, she did the rest.  I decided to have her do ‘quilt-as-you-go’ because that way she could run the notebook paper lines off the end and not have to stop them at the seam.  We tried 3 pens – the gel pen was too hard for her, the fabric marker was way too thick.  Then she tried the “tee shirt pen” and it was just right.

One for her teacher, one for her teacher’s helper.  We rolled them up, tied with a ribbon, and she took them off to school this morning, where there were much loved.

You can’t see it, but those notebook lines are spot on.  The red borders are sewn nice and straight.  Way to go, kiddo!