It’s been a while since I updated on all of my projects.

I’m currently in project overload.  My mind is running faster than my sewing machine can keep up!  It’s a common problem, particularly when I have lots of (household) things to take care of.

I’ve been shepherding DD(8.85) through her first big quilt.  (At DD’s swim lessons they have her age on the schedule…they currently have her at 8.85 years old – and it’s hard to be more specific than a kid when it comes to age!)  She’s on a bit of a deadline – first of all,  because I refuse to let this turn into another kid-sized UFO.  Second, because I (yup, it’s all me) want her to be able to take it to school later this week and show it off to her teacher’s assistant – a quilter.  Third, because she just got it accepted into the local big fall show.  She’s making good progress – 12 seams until the top’s done!  She’s making the Quilt in a Day (Eleanor Burns) Cinnamon Swirl pattern using Moda’s Birdie line of fabric (Me and My Sisters, I think).

Supervising takes a lot of time!  She’s got decent accuracy with her 1/4 inch seam, and is both careful and confident around my sewing machine, but it seems that half the time when I leave to to finish off a set something goes wrong.

So, my projects!

First, I’m almost done with the binding on my Soda Pop Quilt.  I’ve got about 18 inches left!!!  Then I think I’m going to wash it.  This is the woulda-coulda-shoulda cut it out with my AccuQuitl GO instead of my rotary cutter!

After that, I need to bind my Charming Charm Squares quilt.  (tutorial here)  I love this pattern!  So simple to put together, and can easily be put together using charm squares or stash, and the whole thing can be cut on my GO!  This one is made from a 5″ square pack I picked up somewhere, with pure white sashing.  Just for fun, a polka dot binding!

While I’m binding, I need to baste.  My poor Spiderweb quilt has been languishing on the pinning table since last week!  After pinning the last two, my poor fingers needed a break.  But now I need to do it before the callus starts to disappear!

What’s next?  A labor of love.  A few weeks ago I finished embroidering 6 designs onto minkee squares.  (Note – this was a pain!  I don’t recommend it!)  They’re now trimmed and ready to be set into the twin-sized minkee quilt I’m making for DD8.85.  Minkee = stretchy, slippery, and fuzzy = pain in the neck.  But, as I said, a labor of love.  This will take some willpower to get done, since my quilting inspriation is leading me in a dozen different directions right now.

So – next up:

(1)  Quilting the Spiderweb.  I’ve been all over flickr and have found great inspiration!

(2)  Prodding DD8.85 (grin!) to her first finish.  I fully expect to lose my sewing machine for a week for her to quilt.

(3)  Minkee quilt.  I can’t tell you how much I don’t want to do this, but I promised, and it’s been almost a year.  Does anyone have any ideas on what a good batting would be?  Or what the right yarn/floss/whatever is to tie it?  For that matter, what’s the right way to tie? 

That’s probably going to take me the rest of the month to get through.  By then, I could either be completely un-inspired, or inspired by the same things, or have a completely new inspiration list.  Who knows?

Who?  Who? Whoo?  Hoot?  I almost forgot!  I won something!  I so rarely win that it makes my week!   I won a giveaway for 3 patterns at Chatterbox Quilts – and I picked an owl stuffie pattern, an owl applique pattern, and a swan pattern.  I can’t wait to make one of them!

Phew!  But if I update more frequently, the posts will be shorter – right?