Remember my Soda Pop quilt?  I’m not sure why the pattern is named that.  Battle of geography?  Because you need loads of caffine to keep cutting and sewing and ironing?

Well, it’s been slow progress.  After days of cutting came days of sewing, then a day of ironing.  Then all the quarter blocks were done.  All 224 of them.  I’m sure that you will understand that I didn’t make ‘extra’ blocks so that I could re-balance the color/value of the quilt.

Instead of sewing the quarter blocks into full blocks, I just laid everything out on the floor. 

I will admit that this required me to actually clean the floor…when I’m making a quilt there are fabric piles everywhere – auditioned-yet-rejected fabrics, used-it-but-don’t-need-more fabrics, pieces-destined-for-the-scrap-basket fabrics, and the like.  And since I did such a good job of cleaning off the floor, I actually vaccuumed it!

Then I took some pictures, and re-arranged some blocks, found one that I’d mis-pieced (out of 224, I’m OK with that) and fixed it.  Stared at it some more.

And came up with something like this:

My friend turns everything into a Value vs Color exercise.  This quilt is the perfect example of that.  It’s all lighter blues and greens, but I ended up throwing some darker pieces in that I had to handle carefully – put mediums next to them and they are fine, but put lights next to them and they get jumpy.  (Jumpy is a personal term…for when blocks or fabrics are grabbing more attention than they’re supposed to.)

Now, on to assembling!  I’ve got a few days of this, I’m sure, as I turn 224 blocks into 56 blocks, into 8 rows, and then 1 quilt top.