A little while ago I posted about to-dos vs temptations.  Well, I was a responsible quilter.  My to-do list is now a done list.  Yeah me!

(1)  3 quilts for Maisonette to deliver to LA to send to Japan.  DONE.  See the pieced backs?  Great for donation quilts, to use up some of those fabrics that have been hanging around for a while.

(2)  Just one star blocks?  Delivered to my group, and received at Moda.  DONE.

(3)  Guild stuff?  Done, for the most part.  A volunteer’s job is never done, is it?

(4)  Avignon Picnic?  Done, blogged, and mailed.

Now, for tempation!

The AccuQuilt isoceles die is first up for me to play with.   The very first thing I did was to run a piece of paper through it.  I know that the pieces finish to 4.5″ wide by 5.5″ high, but wanted to see what that really looked like.  I then took the two triangles and trimmed the seam allowances off of one of them so that I could use it for some drafting.  Yuck, I know.  I tried using EQ7, but I was struggling with funny angles and not being able to get nodes/gridlines where I needed them.  Look for more soon as I get this all figured out!