I love winding ways quilts.  Absolutely love them.  Two color Winding Ways Quilts in particular. 

The problem has always been in the cutting.  I took a few classes from Nancy Eliott MacDonals a few years ago.  Cutting the way she describes in her book Winding Ways Quilts has made it simpler but it still involved hours of backbreaking cutting, bent over my too-short cutting table.

You can bet, when I got the chance I quickly got my hands on the Winding Ways die for my AccuQuilt GO!  The largest piece cuts differently on the grain than I do when I cut it by hand, but that’s no problem when we’re comparing backbreaking cutting to knocking out cut pieces in no time at all.

Ready to go!  See that I took a black sharpie and outlined everything?  I even drew lines 1/4″ outside of where the cutting will be so that I can make sure that my fabric covers all of the die blades.  Notice that the pieces seem to be laid out crooked on the die?  That’s how it’s supposed to be.  It makes it easier on the cutter.

See how I lined my fabric up on the drawn lines?  Easy.  I cut my fabric, then folded it into fourths.  I’m cutting out half of eight blocks with this piece of fabric.  Next up I’ll do the same thing with the blue, then I’ll have cut all the pieces for eight Winding Ways blocks in about 5 minutes.  Can’t beat that!

I know that many people think that they can cut with less waste with a rotary cutter than the AccuQuilt can.  Let me tell you, with Winding Ways it’s a wash because you can’t cut with no waste with a rotary cutter!  Then there’s the whole not having backbreaking cutting sessions…  Let me show you my waste:

But it’s not really waste.  I’m going to use it!  My quilt is set 5×5, or 25 blocks.  I get 8 blocks from each strip of fabric I run through my GO!.  So I take these leftover bits, carefully lay them out on my Winding Ways die, and get the 25th block!

After a little bit of sewing…

…I’m done!  Sew some blocks together, sew some border on, quilt, bind. 

I have to say, I absolutely loved how this quilt sewed together.  Because the pieces were cut so accurately, with no stretching of the fabric, everything just went together nicely.

Thanks for stopping by!  Deb

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