Have you heard about barn quilts?  Growing up, we used to drive by a few barns that had things painted on their sides.  Crosses, pictures.  Never quilt blocks.  That would have been much more interesting!

In 2001, a quilter painted a quilt block on her barn to honor her quilting mother. Since then, there are several communities that have organized Barn Quilts.  There’s a Quilt in a Day book with that name as well.  Quilt in a Day’s store has recently put up several barn quilts on their building as well – and I have to say it looks great! 

Last year, AccuQuilt had a barn block contest, and got over 400 entries.  The winner got a great prize…and her block is now larger than life, on AccuQuilt’s building!  This year, they’re doing the contest again.   Another chance to design a quilt and win not only an AccuQuilt gift certificate, but a trip to AccuQuilt for the unveiling!  The contest ends April 10, so start your colored pencils now!  (And, even though I’m a loyal EQ fan, that’s what I’ll be using to start, since my laptop bit the dust…)