Scraps bug me.  I can’t throw them away, even if they’re too small for most things.  Scraps have ages and stages in my house,  If they’re big enough to cut a piece out of, they go in with their color.  (What’s big enough?  Depends on what I feel that day.  And how much I love that fabric.)  After that, they go in the scrap bin.  I share the scrap bin with my crafty kid, so it’s not uncommon to pull a nicely sized piece out of there with a hole cut in the middle.  Pieces tend to stay in there until they’re miniscule, at which point I reluctantly throw them away.

These pieces were still in with the colored fabric.  They caught a break – even though each was an oddly piece left out of a charm pack (Merryvale’s Zephyr line from a few years back) they were part of a set and that kept them safe.

So I fiddled and faddled and figured out that I could get 4-6 HSTs (half square triangles) from each one if I used the 2.5″ HST die on the value die that came with my AccuQuilt GO.  This was a messy and somewhat time consuming process, since I had to individually line up each remnant of fabric.  Though, using the GO, what would have probably taken 4 hours of measuring and cutting one piece at a time only took about 90 minutes.  With none of that adult language that happens when the ruler slips.

I randomly sewed a darker one to a lighter one.  This was kind of relative, since I had more darks than lights, so mediums went both ways…in a good fabric way.  I put them all in a basket and picked.  I rejected a few pairs along the way, and at the end I always dump the basket and make the best matches out of what’s left.

Finally chosing a symmetric layout that was 8 x 10 2″ (finished) squares in size, I rearranged it for a while then sewed it together.  My daughter and I decided that a medium, sage-y green was the best thing to finish it all off.  A 3″ cut border brought the size up to 21″x25″ .  A bit of straight-line quilting, and this is one for the books!

Thanks for reading!  Deb