Chaos. And not in a good way.

I’m making a baby quilt right now – Moda Bake Shop’s Avignon. It’s completely pink. Because I needed to be able to balance all of the pinks across the quilt top, I laid out 144 4.5″ blocks on the floor in my sewing room. Stared at them. Rearranged them. For two days. Then started sewing them. I got 4 16″ blocks put together, then had to leave the room.

My loving, darling, daughter, decided that she was going to play. On the floor. In the quilt room. Now, I’d told her the day before that she was not allowed to get any of the quilt room toys out because I needed the floor for this quilt. I was completely clear.

Did she care? Nope. I left her, working diligently on her report on Pocahontas, to take a phone call. She put the report down and got the toys out. Moved my completed blocks out of her way. Plopped down her two favorite building surfaces – a 12×18 cutting mat and a 15″ square ruler. And started building a zoo/circus.

What happens when you ‘plop’ a cutting mat down? An air puff. Many of my carefully arranged blocks got blown out of place. And when you drop the ruler? Same thing. So she put the blocks back in a grid. With no idea if they were in the same spot (and I’d spent quite a whie placing blocks) or even the same orientation.

No pictures. This is one memory I don’t need to document!

I laid everything out again, banished her – and her circus – from the room, and sewed diligently for the rest of the night. I have two more blocks left to finish, then the pieces will be safe from children and air gusts!