Storing the GO! and its dies can be a bit problematic for some of us.  Especially those strip dies.  At 24″ long they are, to say the least, unweildy.

I have a pretty packed quilt room.  Too much fabric!  Too many books!  Rulers and thread!  I couldn’t add anything to my space. 

Then I had an a-ha moment.  Right next to the table I do my cutting on is a stacked set of closetmaid shelving units.  On the inside, they’re about 10″ x 10″.  Height-wise, maybe 36″?  You can get them on sale at Target all the time.  They come with two shelves to put on the inside, but if you take the shelves out, it’s perfect storage! 

The cutter sticks out an inch or two, but with where it is in the room it won’t get knocked into.  The dies are all nicely inside it.  It’s also right next to where I use it, which is important to me.  I like everything within arm’s reach.

I figure that I can get another 6 or so dies in there before I have to move the cutter onto the floor (under my cutting table).    You can barely see it, but I’m using the cutting mats to keep the dies separated right now.

I have two units stacked on top of each other.  The GO! is on the bottom of the upper unit.  I still had enough room for a narrow shelf on the top, which is where my rotary cutters go. 

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Happy Quilting!  Deb