A few weeks ago I hit the quilting blog-land lottery. I won a GO! in a sponsored giveaway over at Diary of a Quilter.  I was comment 585 out of 704. 

10 days ago, at 2:15 in the afternoon, the doorbell rang.  Ding!  (My doorbell, for some unknown reason, does not have two notes.  Only the one.)  “Coming!”  I cry.  I assume that it’s my daughter, home from school.  She has a habit of ringing the front doorbell then running around the side of the house.  It’s not.

What do I spy, with my little eye?  Two boxes and an envelope!

I know, you almost don’t even notice the envelope due to the wonderful labeling on the boxes!  I run inside to get my camera, and as I do a silver minivan pulls up in front of my house.  It’s my daughter.   No hiding it from her now!

I chitchat with my carpool buddy, making sure that we’re set for the rest of the week.  What’s my daughter doing?

This is the child whose backpack is too heavy, a water bottle is too heavy, and a pair of socks is too heavy.  (The smaller box had already been placed gently inside.  The envelope, containing a new toy for my husband’s computer, had been tossed aside gently placed at his computer. )

A deal had to be struck.  No AccuQuilt for either of us until her homework was done and our trip to the library taken care of.  Done.  I’m sure you can imagine how hard it was for me to suffer through “Alice had 43 green beads and 28 blue beads.   Mary has 24 green beads and 52 blue beads.  Who has more beads?”

Later that same night…we opened the box!

I was really impressed on two points – first, that one of the dies I requested was out of stock.  They put it on backorder for me, and shipped without it.  Second, that I requested the 2.5″ strip cutter.  Know what else they included?  The mat for it.  I was all set to have to run out to the store and buy it, but there it was, right there in the box!

Out of the box!  And onto the table.  Note the sleeve in the picture?  That’s as far away from it as my daughter got. 

Off to the scrap bin my daughter went.  We have a deal.  She can use anything in the scrap bin for whatever she wants.  So off she went, coming up with a few biggish pieces that hadn’t yet been turned into Barbie pillows or vests for circus animals.

And away she went!

First pieces – aren’t they pretty?

Note to all moms – my daughter is 8 and has been around sewing supplies her whole life.  She doesn’t get to use my rotary cutter, yet.  This I’m fine with, though she has to tell me when she’s going to use it.  It’s a hard cell foam surrounding the blades.  I’ve pressed my finger (gently!) into the area where the blades are and can’t cut myself.  Still, a little bit of caution and warning will probably go a long way.  (And some older dies or Studio dies may be different.  Just to see, I did press into a flower die on the Studio cutter at my LQS and was able to easily slice my finger.)

My daughter is a free spirit when it comes to her sewing.  Most times, given her own choices, she prefers to have the seams showing.  This is the project she made with my GO! cutter the first day – four half square triangles, one 2.5″ square, and backed by one 4.5″ square.

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Enjoy Sewing!  Deb