Let’s go back in time…pretend that today is 10 days ago…before my AccuQuilt GO! cutter arrived in the mail…somehow I wrote this and didn’t get it posted…

Acadabra!  (insert wand swish here)

Well, I’m finished with my quilt!  I slaved over that for days and days.  Fed my family leftovers.  Sat in the car during my daughter’s karate classes and buried threads.  Watched way too much HGTV while binding. 

And it’s gorgeous.  Of course, there are things I would have done different, and while I say it’s done it’s not.  (I was taking pictures of it and found one thread that I forgot to snip and one flower that I forgot to quilt.)  No pictures, yet.   I haven’t even shown it to my friends yet!

So I did nothing the past 3 days.  Thursday was quilt guild, and I went to a quilt shop after.  Friday I goofed off.  Completely.  (Well, I finished two doll quilts.)  Today, I conscripted my family and cleaned house.  I feel like I can breathe!

So…I was worried about my GO! getting in the way of my housework and finishing my quilt?  It’s not.  It’s delayed!  One of the dies I requested is backordered.  Well, I can clean up my quilting space to make room for my ‘new addition’.

Abracadabra!  You’re now back to your current time and date.

Since we’re now back in the present, I can share with you that (1)  I have shared my quilt at a small guild meeting last week, where it was met with appropriate oohing and aahing.  (2)  I have succeeded in getting my quilting room reorganized so that I have a workspace that doesn’t make me cringe to walk into it AND I have a great, convenient, place to store my GO!  (3) My GO! arrived, short a backordered die, and I am having tons of fun even without the dresden plate.  (4)  Now that hubby’s home, and no one’s sick, and the pre-camp to-do list is mostly complete, I can get back to my regularly scheduled quilting!  Except, (5)  my sewing machine is at the spa.