Last weekend was the Back Country Quilt Show.  It is, as you can guess, in the back country.  After spending two weeks quilting, I needed a break, so off I went.

You have to want to get to Ramona from where I live.  Take the highway, to the logical end.  Keep on going.  Turn right.  Go for 16 miles.  Down – up, mostly – a twisty turny 2 lane road with mountain to one side and a guard rail to the other.  No gas, about 2 pulloffs, blind corners where you hope the guy coming at you stays on his side of the double yellow line.

I’d missed last year’s show, and wanted to get out there this year.  I spent a nice few hours looking through the quilts, boutique, and vendor booths.  There was a wide variety of quilts there, from a pre-1900 heirloom to quilts made by kids – modern, kitchy, and everywhere inbetween.  To give you an idea of the variety, my three favorites are pictured below.  Enjoy!

For a cute and kitchy vibe, there was this apron quilt done in 1930s fabrics:

For a more modern vibe there was this quilt of saturated reds, pinks, oranges, and purples.  Very cool!

For pieced patchwork, this quilt was it for me.  It’s an X-Block quilt, which I’ve never tried, but the block gets lost with the fantastic quilting!

My AccuQuilt GO! cutter came today!!!  When the doorbell rang I figured it was my daughter home from school, but she came about 2 minutes later…before I could even get it inside.  The girl who can’t carry her socks upstairs had it inside in 2 seconds.  And you’ve never seen a kid more motivated to pick up her room, do her homework, and go to the library than one who knows that the shipping boxes won’t even be opened before we’re done.  She’s taken it over, the GO! and my sewing machine both, so I’ll try it out after she goes to bed tonight.  Here’s a look at the new addition to my quilting room:

(See that arm?  Unless she was at the sewing machine that’s as far away as she got from it.)