I am beyond geeked right now!!!  I just won a GO! over at Diary of a Quilter’s giveaway!  The email came last night, but I was so beat after a day at a Halloween Party / theme park with my daughter that I somehow didn’t check my emails after getting home. 

(I went straight to my sewing machine, which STILL has the quilt on it that I showed a few days ago…hence no new posts…)

So, this morning, I wake up, grab my iphone to quickly check messages, and there, amongst all the entries for my Fall into Fall giveaway, is one that says YOU WON!  “Won what,” I’m thinking, still fuzzy.  “The Fall into Fall giveaways don’t close for a few days yet.”  I set the phone down, thinking it’s too early to be up after marching all over the park yesterday for what amounts to $0.50 worth of candy.  Curiosity got the better of me, and I checked again…

I WON AN ACCUQUILT!  With my choice of dies!!!  Now, I’m up.  I poke my still-sleeping husband.  “I won an AccuQuilt!”  He says “good job”, and rolls over.  I get up, sit down at the sewing machine, and wait for a more appreciative audience.  My daughter rolls in an hour later.  I tell her the news.  I get a high-5, and a great big hug!  And hugs from her Dolly as well…Dolly was more excited than my husband was!  SO…THANK YOU ACCUQUILT!  And Diary of a Quilter! 

Now I’m stuck.  I’ve got to finish this quilt (by Friday) and finish things for my guild’s boutique (by 10/18).  And then start catching up on the rest of the things that have gone by the wayside.  Say, laundry.  And housecleaning.  Making a Halloween costume.  But, I’ll have an AccuQuilt, and more fabric than one person can ever use. 

You can also win a GO! cutter at www.alderwoodquilts.blogspot.com – this one’s open until November 1!!!  Or, at Art By Gene, which closes on October 15.  If you’re hoping to win some fabric or AccuQuilt dies, check out Ginny’s Quilts.