Wonder why I’m asking for quilting sites in my Fall into Fall Giveaway?

Because I’m stuck quilting.

Doesn’t seem like it’s a bad thing, right?

Wouldn’t you like to be stuck quilting?

Well, not the way I mean it.

I’m stuck in several ways.

(There is at least 4 feet between me and the sewing machine.)

Way 1.  This quilt is twin-sized, and I have a sewing machine with a standard throat.  So the quilt just gets stuck and I have to shove it though.  Often.  And then pull it back through.

Way 2.  I have to confess, I don’t exactly know how I’m going to quilt this whole thing.  I’m going one step at a time, hoping that I don’t end up with bubbles, or puckers, or mis-matching quilting styles.  So I’m stuck on how to quilt it.

Way 3.  I’m almost stuck at the sewing machine.  I have a small sewing table, which I love, but is not up to the challenge of 6300 square inches of quilt.  So I dragged my ironing board over to the table, lowered it to the same height, and am shoving excess quilt onto it.  But where the ironing board has to be leaves me with a very small path to get to the sewing machine between the ironing board and the closet door.

Way 4.  It feels like I’ve been quilting this forever. Probably because I started thinking about quilting it months ago, then pinned it, then started, then ripped, then stared, then started again.  And I keep having to tell my daughter that nothing’s getting made until I’m done.  Is that a 5th way?  Stuck on this until I’m done? With no other projects?  Or just fallout of stuck quilting?

It’ll be worth it in the end, right?

Thanks for all of the suggestions on new places to visit! I’ve gotten inspiration from a few of them and should be able to figure out how I’m going to fnish this quilt.