Yesterday I drove up to the Quilt Show and Auction put on by the Valley of the Mist Quilters in Temecula.  I’d seen pictures and wanted to see it for myself!  I packed up my camera, some water, sunscreen, and my credit card for an afternoon of quilt-ogling and shopping.

You know what?  I forgot the memory card for my camera.  I’d been downloading some pictures and it didn’t make it back into the camera.  I took a bunch of photos on my cell phone, but they’re not great.  I also forgot a hat.  When it’s over 90 and you’re heading to an outdoor quilt show, bring a hat!

It was a great afternoon, even without the camera and a hat.  There were hundreds of quits displayed all over Temecula’s main drag.  Folk Art, Dresden Fans, Cobblestones, Log Cabin, Applique.  I saw some modern patchwork, and the art quilts in the gallery just begged you to get in a little closer to see how they were put together.

There were some wonderful quilts in their auction.  The announcer was very comical, and kept interjecting comments into the auction process.  They had a professional auctioneer, so I’m sure he was unaccustomed to being interrupted by someone saying “and don’t forget it sparkles!”

And shopping!  Quilter’s Coop is right there in town, as is The Wool Lady (yes, that is the store name).  Plus opportunity quilt tickets, fresh fruit, a cheese store, an old-fashioned candy store, and more.

The trip home was memorable as well.  I’m motoring down I-15, and come upon a helpcopter being towed by a pickup.  (It was on a trailer, of course!)  I’ve never seen that before.  Then, a few minutes later, an old – ancient – green Ford.  Couldn’t have been a Model T (because they come in any color you want as long as it’s black) so maybe a Model A?  Then…someone’s having a bad day, because a motorcycle officer has them pulled over.  I’m midwest born and bred, and remember watching CHiPs in the cold of winter – sunny California days, motorcycle cops, and the tan uniform.  I flashed back to junior high seeing it!

Have a good weekend!  I’m off to quilt.  The Fall into Fall giveaway’s in my previous post – HERE.