My guild has a block-of-the-month that comes with pre-cut fabrics. I did it this month, and was a little bit nervous because the block was flying geese with a pinwheel center.  Daunting, to say the least, since every one of the 24 pieces in the block is a triangle.  Triangles can often stretch just by handling them!

I pulled the pieces out of the bag, and noticed that the points had been cut off all the triangles.  Nice!

Looking at the instructions, sew this to that, sew that to the other, press, etc.  At the very bottom, “Pieces cut with an Accuquilt”.

So cool!  The block went together like a dream, bias edges and all.  I had the whole block done in about 15 minutes, no ‘easing’ required.

I have got to get an Accuquilt!

Anyone know what this block is?  I browsed through my EQ7 library and couldn’t find it.

We all know, too, that AccuQuilt is expecting?  What is it?  More dies?  A smaller cutter?  An electric cutter?  Inquiring quilters want to know!