Sometimes things just aren’t going right.

I wanted to finish a quilt in time to submit it for Road to California.  I pinned it, then started quilting it that night.  The next day I discovered that all of the (dark green) bobbin threads were poking through onto the (white) top.  Then followed two days of ripping.  It was the easiest it could have been, because with the bobbin thread looping on top the top thread just pulled right out along the straight sections.

I monkeyed with the tension, both at the tension dial and, eventually, on the bobbin, and my random quilting samples (on the actual top that I’m quilting) looked fine.  So off I went.  Ran through two bobbins quilting this way.  Went to switch bobbins again and I got a bad start, so when I turned over to pick out the few bad stitches, what do I see but the top thread on the bottom?  I have no idea if it’s all the way through or just on the second bobbin.

So I’ve given up.  Road to California is not in this quilt’s immediate future.

What am I doing instead?  I made my daughter re-usable sandwich wraps.  I’ve been meaning to do it, but couldn’t figure out what to use for the plastic liner.  Last night, in a blog-surfing-fest, it came to me.  Zip Loc bags.  They’re food-safe, and in my house.  I cut down a gallon-sized bag, and it’s just big enough for a half sandwich.  Two 1.5″ pieces of velcro, 1 9.5″ square of fabric, and half of a ziploc makes one wrap.  For a nicer look, use two pieces of fabric or one that’s 9.5″ x 19″.  I’ll post pictures later.  Before I make any to give away, I want to find a heavy-duty ziploc that doesn’t say “Hefty” on it!