I have an unnamed quilt.  I have no idea what it should be called.  I have no idea what the pattern is.  I’m sure that I’ve not invented something new, but I’ve never seen a pattern for this quilt. 

I saw a quilt on flickr that just struck me.  There was nothing but a picture there; it had been posted by the longarmer who quilted it, so even following back to the blog got me nothing but closeups of quilted feathers.  In the time honored tradition of quilters everywhere, I copied it.  I had one yard of fabric to use for the sashing/border, and calculated the rest from there.  It ended up being really easy – 3″ finished squares joined into larger squares and rectangles, surrounded with the largest sashing I could eek out of my 1 yard of fabric.  The quilt I copied was probably made with a 5″ charm pack sewn together with sashing.

I ended up with a fun, bright quilt that’s the opposite of what I usually do.  (I generally like the dark frame that a darker sashing or border gives.)  But I like it!

This quilt is for sale on etsy.