A few days I posted about my scrap bin.  I have pictures!

These are the two quilts that I made from pulling most of the pink scraps out of the bin:  (Being scrap quilts, there are tons of seams and they need a still good pressing!)

  As mentioned, I was very surprised to find out that I’d sewn together more than 400 inches of scraps into one long huge strip.  So I decided to make two smaller quilts out of it instead of one great big quilt.  It was a decision of porportions.  I thought with all the scraps in one place I’d need thicker sashing strips to balance it and I just didn’t want to.  I wanted simple and small.

I made the light pink one first.  I am surprised, but shouldn’t be, to find out that I like the darker pink one better.  The light pink in the second quilt is the leftovers from my daughter’s bed quilt.  At night, when I was picking fabrics, I decided that a 1″ finished pink would be fine and determined I had enough scraps to make it happen.  In the light of day, I started cutting for a 1 1/2″ finished pink and really eeked out the last few inches of the border.  But now it’s gone, and I have space for new fabric!  Same for the dark pink.  It was a 1/2 yard piece that I’d hard a hard time using because it was splotchy. 

After the quilts were done, I had them sitting on the ironing board waiting to be pressed.  What did I discover but a HOLE in the white sashing!

  Nice and small, easy to overlook.  Once upon a time, when my daughter was small, she thought that experimenting with scissors on my fabric was better than experimenting on the fabric in the scrap bin.  Every once in a while I’ll come across another piece that’s been sliced at the fold.  I cut around the great big 2″ slice, but missed it’s little brother.

Since the quilt top was done and dusted, and it’s to be a charity quilt, there’s no way I was ripping out that entire strip and replacing it.  I also don’t seem to have any interfacing right now.  So I put a patch on it.  Just like my grandma would have.  And from a distance it looks OK.  (The patch is to the left of the brightly striped fabric in the middle row.)

Well, not everything’s intended to win a blue ribbon!   This is one of those times where done is better than perfect.

Wait, there’s more!  This is my scrap bin AFTER pulling all those pink fabrics out:

More scrap quilts to come!