I’d gotten 90% of my cleaning done by the time I succumbed to the urge to pull fabric for a new quilt.  Well, two new quilts.  So there will be no ‘after’ pictures because the completely clean phase was merely a nanosecond.  I can walk around, sit on the sofa (my favorite place to plan), and lay things out without losing them.


So, what’s next?  I had made this quilt earlier this summer, and just finished binding it.  It’s good-sized, simple to put together, and graphic.  And only takes one yard of the print material.

I’m going to make the new version out of these fabrics.  I’m turning the lights and darks backwards and will see what it looks like.  I love the oval fabric (from JoAnn’s) but have found it really hard to use because it’s directional.  I’ve used this fabric twice before – once I let it go every which way, and once I cut it directionally.  This time it’s also going to all go in the same direction.  I seem to have *just* enough to finish make this quilt and then will have nothing but scraps of left.  Bonus!

The other quilt I was going to make is super-simple.  My daughter sewed this quilt and pillow for her American Girls.  One of my quilt guilds, North County Quilters’ Association, is having an auction/boutique sale in November and I thought I’d make three sets of these for the boutique.  (I have to say it – that’s Felicity’s quilt and Rebecca’s pillow in the picture.  I couldn’t find Felicity’s pillow this morning.)

Fortunately, I haven’t cut anything yet.  Yesterday in my email I got a request from a clever pattern designer to test a new pattern for her.  I love testing patterns!  I’m an editor at heart, so to combine my love of editing with my love of quilting is just the best!  She needs this one back in a week, though, so it’s a good thing I’ve not cut anything yet.  This is a cute pieced pattern that will be super flexible for sizes, themes, ages.  Back to my fabric I go!  Her cover quilt looks fantastic and is in blues and greens.  I wonder what mine will end up looking like???

So, karma worked in my favor.  I cleaned everything up and was rewarded out of the blue by a request to test a new pattern!