In no particular order, this summer I’ve made two costumes (50’s poodle skirt, Ceremonial Princess Leia), a dozen American Girl sleeping bags and three quilts (one yet to be quilted).  I’m sure there are a few things I’ve missed, too.

And I’ve not cleaned up my sewing room once.  It is a disaster of unmitigated proportions right now.  I’ve lost, by my reckoning, the embroidery blocks to my daughter’s new twin quilt, the random embroidery blocks I’d been working on in the car, two pairs of blunt-nosed scissors, a seam ripper, the patterns I bought at Long Beach, and several costume patterns.  And that doesn’t count what I don’t know is missing!

So what am I doing tonight?  Well, now that I’m done watching a movie with my daughter, I’m cruising the net for quilt inspiration, and I’ve found it in spades.  But I’ve got a quilt room that’s a disaster!!!

I need a fresh start.  So I’m going to clean up, tonight and tomorrow, and be ready for a fresh start.  And no more costumes!