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I’ve been quilting for more than a decade, and in that time I’ve never made a patriotic quilt.  This is in spite of the fact that I’d always planned to make one, but as we know, oftentimes the best plans go astray for lack of time, a pattern, or the right fabric.

I’m sewing from my stash right now.  This is partly because my stash is overflowing, partly because it’s a challenge to mix and match from what’s already there, and partly because I’ve got some fabrics that I keep skipping over in favor of other ones.

For intance, I won a couple of patriotic prints at a guild meeting once that were super sparkly.  I don’t do bling.  A metallic thread, occasionally, but no bling.  And my color preferences have changed along with the market.  I have some reds that tend to a bricky orangish color that were sitting there in the bin.

That was my challenge.  Use the patriotic prints.  Use some of my overflowing bin of red fabric.  And get it done by Memorial Day.

I’m not sure what led me to the pattern.  I’ve always liked the look of the pattern, but never made one.  I was going to do white centers, but then decided that they made the quilt too red white and blue, too patriotic, so changed over to the light blue.

I picked my fabrics, cut up *all* of the sparkly patriotic fabrics I was planning on using up, whatever I needed of the other patriotic, red, and light blue fabrics, and started sewing.  I have loads of blocks with the sparklies, one in particular, so it ended up being a chore to get them to the point where they weren’t touching each other, though I did end up with 2 in quite a few blocks.

Quilting was easy – I wasn’t going to over-think it, so I went with an all-over meander or stipple with stars scattered throughout it.  I had a variegated red/white/blue thread, so I went ahead and used that.  (See the blue fabric in the lower left corner with lots of white stars and a few red stars?  That’s the super-sparkly fabric.  The white stars are solid sparkly silver.)

Since it *is* a patriotic quilt, even if it doesn’t scream it, I went with patriotic for the backing – navy blue with white stars.  And due to the size of the quilt, I was able to piece the binding from the leftovers from piecing the back.  Love it when that happens!

And one more shot:

Thanks for reading!  Deb

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