Tomorrow I’m off to an EQ6 class.  Late, I know, but I figure better late than never!  I’ve never, ever, taken an EQ class and have had EQ since EQ3, I think.  So I figure I’ll get a couple of a-ha moments out of it.

I called around today about the EQ7 upgrade – and was stunned to find out that of the 5 shops I called, only 1 would order the upgrade, and that was at list price.  (Not the pre-order pricing that’s on EQ’s website.  The note on EQ’s website is worded to make me think that the preorder pricing is available to shops.)  The shop where the class is tomorrow has promised some sort of discount.  Will it be enough to equal out what EQ’s offering?  Will it be worth the hour drive round trip?  I want to buy local, but please give a quilter some help!