I’ve been a bit inspired lately, and have 2 quilt tops ready for pinning and quilting. I also have one that’s pinned that I haven’t quilted.

There’s also a top that just needs the borders put on. They’d be on already if not for the fact that the designer mis-calculated the amount of fabric needed. Thank you missing fabrics and Esther, the lovely Iowan who had what I was looking for and sold me what I need to finish!

Then there’s the next version of the Charming Charm Pack quilt.  It’s maybe 25% done?  I’ve spent the last couple of days cutting 5″ blocks, laying them out, and have started sewing them together.

Then there’s what happens when you (1) spend Friday by yourself at the sewing show, (2) go to the sewing show with your daughter on Saturday (she sees/likes different things than me), and (3) finally upgrade my electric quilt software from EQ5 to EQ6 (yup, I’m that far out of date; EQ7 releases in just 18 days but I have a plan!).

Ah, inspiration!  I’m going to be finishing up things from this spurt for half the summer!