This weekend is a sewing and craft fair at the fairgrounds here in San Diego.  My quilting friends went yesterday, but I had to decline as I was waiting for a delivery.

First stop wasn’t even at the show – Quilt in a Day is having a h-u-g-e sale and advertised loads of fabrics at $4 and $5 per yard.  They weren’t wrong – more was on sale in the store than was not, and I know they had loads of fabrics I hadn’t seen before.  I wonder if they shipped them in from Paducah?

I turned right when I got into the show.  Right call!  The two booths with the cheapest fabrics were right there!  I love fabric, but I love cheap fabric more!  I never go to a show without my own tote bag.  It was more than half full after only two booths!  My husband will be happy I slowed down after that.  The usual cast of characters was there, but I also bought from shops based in Oregon and Colorado.  There were some Kenyan hand-painted batik panels that I was in love with, but couldn’t justify the price.

I had to stay home yesterday because I was getting a new, high-efficiency, washer and dryer delivered.  Yeah!  This set is so much better than the old ones!  They clean!  They dry!  They don’t leak humid air!  They are even quieter!  But, the icing on the cake is yet to come… The very first load I did was fabric.  I had a mixed load size-wise – remnants, fat quarters, yardage.  Usually, everything would come out of my old washer thready, twisted, and tied together.  Folds that are as tough as if I’d creased and starched them.   There was NONE of that!  Every single piece came out of the washer as a single piece.  Not one wad of fabric was found!  I’m in love!